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If you've made a mistake and got caught driving while intoxicating, come to us to get answers right away. We will represent you in court, deal with the prosecutors, and build your defense. Everyone makes mistakes. We work to defend you so you can get your life back.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes

Get your life back and keep your record as clean as possible.

• Traffic violations

• Breaking and entering

• Operating Under the Influence/DUI

• Operating While Intoxicated/DWI

• Restraining Orders

Honest advice when you want it most:

The right attorney can make or break your case in a criminal matter. Trust our 75 years of experience to give you the best possible advice in your criminal case. We want to keep your record clean if possible and help you get your life back - without the dark cloud of a mistake over your head.

Yes, this could go on your record unless ...

You've got more options than you think. Call today: