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You might feel frustrated trying to navigate through a divorce or other family related matter. It can be difficult to know what to file, with whom, and when. Don't try to go at it alone. We will file the paperwork you need and explain every step of the process to you - even when things get emotionally difficult.


We're here to take the pressure off your shoulders whether it be a complex divorce settlement including vast marital assets or atonement of a child support order. Don't sit back while marital assets are dissipated. Allow us to educate you about your rights, and secure the divorce settlement you deserve.

Don't get lost in divorce court

Trust our 50 years of experience to work for the best possible results in your case.

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• Child custody and support

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• Adoption

• Contempt

• Child protective services

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Did your ex-spouse threaten to take the children from you? Are you haunted by an abusive partner? We understand that divorce can get messy. Child custody disputes just make things more complicated. We know the answers, and what your ex can and cannot do within the limitations of the law. Come see us for the advice you need to maintain a productive, healthy environment for yourself and your children.

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